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“Belief” Greeting Card - 5 Pack

Front Message: Belief

Inside Message: Today I WILL: Dream Bigger, Reach Higher, Train Harder, Shine Brighter. Because MY WHY is Greater than my fears, and MY PURPOSE is deeper than the well of tears shed as I grind and work my way towards a better place, a more suitable space, one that is aligned with the values I hold near and dear to my heart. I was never down and out. I simply needed goals, a plan, a fresh start. Today I WILL: Take steps to make possibility my reality. I WILL strive to be the best that I can be, because I Believe, wholeheartedly in ME.  – Erica Denham

 Here's to infinite possibilities and success beyond your wildest dreams!

This inspiring message is great for someone who needs encouragement to follow their dreams or take steps towards achieving a goal. Reassure them that they already have everything within them to succeed.

Perhaps your family member or friend is having challenges at work and is trying to figure our their next move. Or maybe they are on a health and wellness journey and could use some support. Perhaps they are looking to launch a business and need to let go of fear and go for it. Or, maybe they are enduring tough times and need affirmation that they can rise above life's challenges and persevere.