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Step In Purpose provides products and services that inspire and motivate individuals to live more purposefully and organizations to embrace, appreciate and celebrate diverse talent, strengths and value.


Erica Denham - Founder

Erica Denham is on a mission to help others live purposefully and make the most of their dash (lifespan)! Erica has 20 years of marketing, sales and relationship management experience at both Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses. In 2015, she was inspired to launch a nonprofit, Inspired by Thee, in memory of her only sibling, Kyle, to support others who have experienced loss.

Erica has a B.A in Sociology (Organizational Behavior) from Stanford University and an MBA in Marketing from Emory University (Goizueta Business School). She is grateful for family, friends, the Step In Purpose community and all of the blessings that she has experienced in her life.