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Exactly How Do You Live Your Dash?

2 min read

Have you at any time wandered through a cemetery and looked at the tombstones? Have you possibly looked at the dates posted and wondered what kind of a lifestyle this individual experienced?

If you consider the dates, you'll normally view a little dash separating the birth date and the passing date.

My wife and I always like to visit old cemeteries because they are typically so calm and peaceful. I like to examine the head stones and think about just what kind of a life this particular person experienced (hopefully) during his or her 'dash'?

Did they do just that, dash through life? Did these people run flat out from the time of birth till the time of death without spending the time to get pleasure from the journey? Did they continuously have his or her attention on the 'prize' and lose out on all the magnificence that was alongside the path.

Were they just like the couple going on a drive down a beautiful mountain highway. A journey where the passenger has the opportunity to take a look at all of the magnificence and majesty along the way and where the driver will need to maintain their eyesight upon the highway making sure that the car does not go over the edge?

Did this particular individual have a spouse and children which they had the ability to have time and get pleasure from? Or were they the kind that were always rushing away to work to produce the almighty buck at the cost of family members?

Whenever it comes time for your dash to be printed on your head stone, what will it stand for?

Will your own dash be remembered by your own loved ones as a time to commemorate your existence, or will it be remembered as a time full of regrets?

You currently have the opportunity to create a double dash lifestyle. You can start to live the awakened lifestyle and live life to its maximum.

If you accomplish this, you can have a dash from your beginning until right now when you became aware of exactly how to live a fantastic life. And then a second dash that you can live as a wonderful life without remorse.

How will you live your second dash?

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